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Airline T-piece Airline joiner Silicon Airline
Airline T-piece
Our Price: £0.30
Airline joiner
Our Price: £0.30
Silicon Airline
Our Price: £0.60
Use to split standard 4mm airline. Use to join standard 4mm airline. Silicon type airline - 4mm x 6mm.
Airline is sold per meter. Enter no. of meters required in QTY box
Blue Airstone Air Valve - non-return Air Stone - 60mm
Blue Airstone
Our Price: £2.00
Air Valve - non-return
Our Price: £3.00
Air Stone - 60mm
Our Price: £6.00
Blue 50mm dia. airstone Non return valve for fitting into your airline. Fit near to air stone to prevent water backing up the line into your pump. Prevents damage and increases efficiency. Japanese ceramic air stones for long life. 60mm x 23mm. Well made product.
Air Stone. 130mm Airline - 4mm Venturi Kit
Air Stone. 130mm
Our Price: £8.50
Airline - 4mm
Our Price: £9.80
Venturi Kit
Our Price: £17.00
Korean ceramic air stones for long life and fine bubbles. 130mm x 30mm. 30m roll of 4mm airline. Outside diameter, 6mm. A venturi is a cheap way to add air to the pond water. Air is sucked into the throat of the venturi through the tube and mixed with the water flowing through. Simply installed to return pipe from pump. For a stable and bonded fit use solvent cement. Contains two nozzles for low or high volume.
Airline - 6mm Airline - 8mm T-piece Airline - 8mm
Airline - 6mm
Our Price: £18.00
Airline - 8mm T-piece
Our Price: £22.00
Airline - 8mm
Our Price: £24.00
30m roll of 6mm airline. Outside diameter, 9mm. Manifold Tee Piece. 2 way large air valves - 8mm. For use with 8mm id. air lines. 30m roll of 8mm airline. Outside diameter, 11mm.
Airline - 8mm crossover Air Stone. 300mm Air Stone - 200mm Ø
Airline - 8mm crossover
Our Price: £24.00
Air Stone. 300mm
Our Price: £28.00
Air Stone - 200mm Ø
Our Price: £30.00
Manifold Cross over. 2 way large air valves - 8mm. For use with 8mm id. air lines. Large size Korean ceramic air stone for long life and fine bubbles. 300mm long x 50mm diameter. Takes 8mm airline.
Actual airstone bigger than illustration.
Air stone for premium performance. Streams of fine bubbles create maximum contact of oxygen with water. Needs 6 or 8mm Ø airline.