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Blagdon Ceramic media Alfagrog Oase Hel-X media, 25l
Blagdon Ceramic media
Our Price: £20.00
Our Price: £26.00
Oase Hel-X media, 25l
Our Price: £45.00
6ltrs of professional ceramic media. These tubes of porous media hugely increase the capacity of your filter. Ideal as final stage filtration. 15kg bag of Alfagrog. For biological filtration.
This product does not count towards Free shipping due to its weight.
Suitable for moving bed filters such as the ProfiClear or Nexus. Fantastic media, highly effective at degrading pollutants in the moving bed process.
40% more surface area than K1.
25 litres.
Kaldnes K1 Micro, 25l Kaldnes K1, 50l
Kaldnes K1 Micro, 25l
Our Price: £68.00
Kaldnes K1, 50l
Our Price: £72.00
K1 Micro media contains all of the benefits of traditional K1 media but is extruded in a much smaller form. The small wheel shaped filter media pieces provide a significantly increased protected surface area per cubic metre when compared to standard K1 for bacteria to colonise. This makes K1 Micro an ideal filter media for all types of filtration system where high level biological filtration is needed. K1 Micro can also be used to replace existing filter media. It provides a large surface area for bacteria to colonise provides in excess of 950 sq m of protected surface area per cubic metre is perfect for moving bed filter chambers and suitable for mechanical and biological filtration. 50l of Kaldnes K1 filter media - used in Nexus filtration but can also be used in adapted conventional gravity fed filters.