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No pond is complete without lights. They transform your garden and make the pond so much more interesting and attractive. The range of lights carried at Causeway Koi means that there is something for every pond. Speak to us if you're not sure what to go for.
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Pondostar LED Ring Pondostar LED Light Pondostar LED Lights (3)
Pondostar LED Ring
Our Price: £40.00
Pondostar LED Light
Our Price: £52.00
Pondostar LED Lights (3)
Our Price: £62.00
  • Illuminated ring for water features
  • Warm white LEDs for illuminating fountains
  • Adjustable centre to allow fitting to various sizes of fountain stems
  • Also suitable for illuminating individual sections of the pond and garden; can be used above and below the water (IP 68).
  • Includes a 12 V safety transformer and 2 m + 8 m cables
  • Weighted energy consumption per spot: 3 kWh/1000h
  • Energy efficiency class A+*

  • *This light fixture includes installed LED bulbs. The bulbs in the light fixture cannot be replaced.
  • 1 x 2W LED light
  • IP68
  • 12v safety transformer
  • Cable length: 2m from plug to transformer, 7m to light.
For use above and below water!
  • 3 x 1W LED light
  • IP68
  • 200deg. pivotable
  • 70mm diameter
  • 12v safety transformer
  • Cable length: 2m from plug to transformer, 7m to first light and 1m between each light.
For use above and below water!
Seattle Garden Lights Pontec Rock Lights (3) Pontec PondoFog Mist Maker
Seattle Garden Lights
Our Price: £65.00
Pontec Rock Lights (3)
Our Price: £70.00
Pontec PondoFog Mist Maker
Our Price: £70.00
Beautiful set of 3 stainless steel garden lights with acrylic cylinder bulb housing. 10W halogen bulbs, 36W low voltage transformer (weatherproof). 15m extension cable.
  • 3 x 10 watt lights in rock design
  • Rocks made of water tight poly-resin
  • 12v safety transformer.
  • Cable length: 2m from plug to transformer, 3m of cable from each light back to transformer.
For use above and below water!
The PondoFog creates a stunning effect and produces air for animals and plants in the pond!

Product highlights at a glance:
  • RGB fogger for indoor and outdoor use
  • Set with 10 m cable, cord transformer, fogger and float ring
  • With coloured LED light for a mystic atmosphere
  • Including replacement membrane and change wrench
  • Underwater installation, IP68
  • Easy installation
  • Diameter 110 mm x height 65 mm
Pondostar LED RGBW 3 light set Oase Lunaqua Mini LED lights Oase Lunaqua 35 Set
Oase Lunaqua Mini LED lights
Our Price: £125.00
Oase Lunaqua 35 Set
Our Price: £160.00
  • 3 efficient spotlights with remote control for adding ambience to the pond or garden with coloured and white LED lighting
  • 12v safety transformer. Power: 3W.
  • Cable length: 2m to transformer, 3m to first light and each light is 2m apart.
For use above and below water (IP68)!
The set consists of three power LED lights in premium quality, that also are impressive through their attractive design with high-quality stainless steel trim. Due to their compact design the spotlights can be perfectly integrated in a wide variety of environments.
Product characteristics at a glance:
  • An addition to the proven cold-white version, these spotlights are the warm-white version.
  • Power consumption: 2 Watts.
  • Easy to integrate in garden and pond design thanks to the small dimensions.
  • High-quality stainless-steel details.
  • Ideal for illumination of fountains, ponds, and pond landscapes, as well as garden and terrace.
  • Adjustable base.
  • Protection class IP 68.
  • 3-unit series circuit, incl. 12V safety transformer.
  • 2m cable from plug to transformer, 3m to first light and 1.5m between lights.
  • 3 + 2 year guarantee.

12V pond light suitable for garden illumination or under-water installation.
Powerful 35W halogen light suitable for bigger ponds. Comes complete with transformer.
Oase Lunaqua 3 LED Set 3
Oase Lunaqua 3 LED Set 3
Our Price: £240.00
Product characteristics
  • Powerful underwater LED spotlight for pleasant warm white light accents
  • Bright illumination, thanks to a powerful 110 lumen rating
  • High energy efficiency with total power consumption of 12 watts
  • Half peak angle of 30° for broad illumination of plants and other highlights
  • Adjustable head for flexible alignment of the beam angle
  • Suitable for permanent underwater use, thanks to protection class IP68 (connection IP 44)
  • Suitable for use underwater and above the water
  • Fast and easy installation thanks to Plug'n'Play
  • Included in delivery: 3 flood lights, transfomer 12 V, rubber hose, 3 spikes
  • 2m cable from plug to transformer. Each light has 5m of cable which comes back to the transformer.