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We cannot over-emphasise the importance of regularly testing your water. The tests kits we stock are a reliable means of testing the key parameters.
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NT Nitrate Test Kit NT Nitrite Test Kit NT Hardness Test Kit
NT Nitrate Test Kit
Our Price: £8.50
NT Nitrite Test Kit
Our Price: £8.50
NT Hardness Test Kit
Our Price: £8.50
Liquid Reagents
Integral Test Tube Holder
Contains 30 Water Tests
Nitrate is produced by the beneficial bacteria in the pond and filters as they break down the fish's toxic waste products (Ammonia and Nitrite). Nitrate is not toxic to pond fish, but excessively high levels can affect their reproduction.
Comprises 30 tests.
Liquid Reagents
Test Tube Holder Included
Contains 40 Tests
Nitrite is produced by the beneficial bacteria in the pond and filters as they break down the harmful waste ammonia excreted by the fish. Nitrite can affect the health of fish but is not as toxic as ammonia.
Liquid Reagents
Essential Test for Health of Ponds
Contains up to 80 Tests
GH & KH test kit combined kit - separate tests.

GH measures general harness and KH known as alkalinity measures the Buffering Capacity or Alkalinity Reserve of water in your pond. Ensures stable pH - low Alkalinity can cause pH crash.
API Ammonia Test Kit NT Pond Health Check Test Kit Seneye+ slides
API Ammonia Test Kit
Our Price: £12.00
Seneye+ slides
Our Price: £24.00
Liquid Reagents
Measures ammonia to help prevent fish loss. Taking a few minutes each week to maintain and monitor aquarium conditions is the key to a healthy aquarium. Uneaten food and decaying organic matter also add ammonia to the water.

Even small amounts of ammonia stress fish; large amounts of ammonia will kill fish. Ammonia is the number one killer of tropical fish. The API AMMONIA TEST KIT is mercury-free salicylate test for fresh and saltwater fish. The AMMONIA TEST KIT tests ammonia levels from 0 to 8 ppm
Multi Test Kit covering the basics for a healthy pond.
Comprises 120 tests for 3 Water Parameters (pH, Ammonia & Nitrite) with full instructions, optimum levels and suggestions for correction.
This pack includes three slides totalling 3 months seneye+. This is just £8 for 30 days of water monitoring, including e-mail and SMS* alerts

The seneye+ includes the disposable seneye slide, e-mail alerts, automatic online graphing, and personalised advice. Activating your seneye+ is really easy and the disposable slide removes the need for recalibration (and the cost of recalibration fluids/buffers etc…) and better still it improves accuracy.
* the seneye+ has a recommended use by date of 12 months from date of manufacture, always store in a cool dry dark place.
NT PondLab 200 Test Kit API Master Liquid Test Kit Digital pH Tester
NT PondLab 200 Test Kit
Our Price: £32.00
API Master Liquid Test Kit
Our Price: £34.00
Digital pH Tester
Our Price: £65.00
Award Winner Multi Test Kit.
Comprises over 200 Test for 6 Water Parameters.
Integral Test Tube Rack for Ease of Use.
Multi-test kit provides over 200 tests of 6 water parameters (pH, GH, KH, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia) with integral test tube rack for ease of use, full instructions, optimum levels and suggestions for correction.
This fast, accurate and easy to use test kit provides information on how to perform each test, how often to perform the tests, what the results mean and how to correct any unsafe water conditions that may be detected.
Tests for pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Phosphate.
Complete with instructions, colour charts and four glass test tubes with caps.
A very handy tool.
Accurate and fast reading of your pond pH.
Splash proof and drop-shock resistant.
Salt Tester Seneye Pond Pack
Salt Tester
Our Price: £99.00
Seneye Pond Pack
Our Price: £345.00
Invaluable tool at Causeway Koi. Quickly and easily test the salt level by dipping the probe into the pond water for an instant reading.
  • Maintain a healthy pond environment by keeping salt level right.
  • Control algae growth.
  • Eliminate most parasites (7 out of 9 commonly found in ponds).
  • Detoxify nitrite.
Everything you need to get monitoring your pond through the internet.
Contents include:
  • Seneye pond
  • Seneye web server WiFi
  • Seneye Dri
Seneye remotely monitor your pond through a unique optical sensor and cloud based website.
Simply place your seneye in water and connect it to a PC or Seneye Web Server. That’s it! Now you get information and alerts for dangerous changes in water parameters on email and SMS worldwide.

Monitors every 30mins, 365 days a year.
Low running costs. No subscription. Full reading history. Free Cloud account.

Saving fish from
  • Broken heaters
  • Filter crashes, toxic ammonia
  • New Pond Syndrome
  • Sudden pH changes
  • Filter or pond leaks
  • Light levels and Algae