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Automatic feeders are designed to feed your fish in measured amounts, multiple times per day.
You can set the programmer to feed the desired amount, up to 8 times per day. Ideal if you are at work all day and want to feed more regularly. Or if you're going away on holidays.
Choose from mains or battery operated..
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Solar Fish Feeder Velda Auto-feeder Velda Auto-feeder PRO
Solar Fish Feeder
Our Price: £120.00
Velda Auto-feeder
Our Price: £170.00
Velda Auto-feeder PRO
Our Price: £285.00
This clever auto-feeder ensures your fish are fed regular healthy meals if you are not around to attend to this job in person. The digital controller is easy to set up and gives you full control of when and how the food is despatched.
This is an excellent feeder at a great price.
Built in 2200mA Lithium Battery - Lasts up to 3 months on a single charge
Feed up to six times a day
120° wide Feeding Angle
Adjustable Feeding Distance and Duration
Clear and Accurate Digital Display
6 Litre Capacity
Pellet Size 3-10mm
The Fish Feeder Easy automatically feeds your pond fish the appropriate amount up to 4 times a day. Besides the preset feeding schedule, additional feeding is possible at any time: just press the button. After a power failure (from 1 to 1.5 hours), feeding resumes automatically. During holidays and time away, but also in bad weather conditions, your fish will not be forgotten.
Fish digest food quickly, so they benefit from several small portions of food per day. They grow well and stay healthy with a regular diet. Large portions are not eaten in full. Fish food sinks to the bottom and contaminates the pond, adversely affecting water quality.
Sturdy stand with peg for easy installation of the automatic feeder
Buttons for frequency and amounts, easily accessible and easy to operate
Watertight 2.5-litre feed container, partially transparent in order to check feed level
Fine and coarse dosage screw for different sizes of granules, pellets and sticks

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Mains operated feeder with splash proof, digital operating display for optimum control allowing up to 8 feeds per day.
The capacity of the feed container is about 3 litres. The upper part of the container is transparent, so that the feed level inside the container remains visible. The sophisticated design of the feeder and the feeding mechanism stops moisture getting into the feed. The device also includes a removable dosing screw for dispensing pellet or grain feed ranging from 3 to 6 mm. The settings for the feeding times and doses are preserved even after a mains interruption.