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DVD - Master Class - Starting Out DVD - Harvest Time in Niigata DVD - Springtime in Koi Land
A fantastic 60min informative film that introduces all would be koi keepers to the mysteries of keeping koi.
Presented by Nick Fletcher and produced by Koi Carp.
This DVD has been produced by Mark Gardner while living amongst the breeders in Niigata, the homeland of koi.

Featuring fantastic footage, this new DVD is a must for the koi enthusiast. It covers 12 of the most stunning harvest during its 2hr run time.
A fantastic DVD showing the spring harvest in the homeland of koi - Niigata.
We thoroughly recommend this interesting and informative DVD.
Covers parent koi, Japanese filtration systems, choosing yearlings, packing & shipping koi and much more.
DVD - Varieties of Koi
DVD - Varieties of Koi
Our Price: £25.00
This DVD not only explains why and how certain varieties are categorised, but more importantly it shows you various examples and discusses the merits of the individual koi.