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The most common is the Shiro Utsuri, basically a Showa without the hi (red) so it is black and white with the black going into the head.
Hi Utsuri is red and black. Ki Utsuri is yellow and black. Like showa, utsuri take 4-5 years to fully colour up.

Bekko is like a sanke without the red - just black and white with a clear head.
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Gin Rin Matsukawabake Shiro Utsuri
Gin Rin Matsukawabake
Our Price: £350.00
Shiro Utsuri
Our Price: £500.00
Breeder: Yamasan
Size: 34cm
Age: 2yrs
Code: k21099
Breeder: Hosokai
Size: 40cm
Age: 2yrs
Code: k2205